Feed Me by Drakes

Welcome to Feed Me by Drakes!
When everyone is coming together to celebrate, we have you covered.

When you feel the need, the need to feed. Look no further than Drakes Feed Me! Whether it's corporate catering, evening canapes, Barby bonanzas or cook-ups on weekdays. Whatever the task that's been lumped on your plate, just come in, or log on to Feed Me, by Drakes!
After 47 years feeding the families of Australia, we've got a pretty good idea of what you desire. From your weekly fruit box, or Fishy Fridays, to boardroom meetings, and kids birthdays, we've designed a platter for every occasion in your great state!
Here at Feed Me, we believe life is about celebrating special events, let us feed you and create something unforgettable for your guests!

Platter up and let Feed Me, feed you.