Sandwiches - Gluten Friendly

Sandwiches - Gluten Friendly

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Gluten Free? Stress no more, we supply gluten friendly sandwiches!

Platter includes: 40 pieces
– Ham, Cheese & Tomato in a Gluten Friendly Sandwich
– Chicken, Lettuce & Mayo in a Gluten Friendly Sandwich
– Corned Beef Salad in a Gluten Friendly Sandwich
– Roast Beef, Cheese & Mustard Pickle in a Gluten Friendly Sandwich
– Egg, Lettuce & Mayo in a Gluten Friendly Sandwich 


*All ingredients within the GF sandwiches are all GF

 *We are unable to alter any of the fillings in any of the selections e.g. cannot take out mayo, cannot take out tomato etc. We are also unable to provide a dairy free option.

*Please note whilst utmost care is taken to make these sandwiches as Gluten Free as possible other products that contain Gluten may have be processed in the same area.

Serves 15-25